Case in Point


Teachable Moments of Leadership

28 Videos for Daring Leadership Educators


We are excited that you are here to improve your ability to model what you are teaching through Case-in-Point.

Case-in-Point is an immersive and experiential methodology for teaching leadership by experiencing, recognizing, naming, and reflecting on essential leadership concepts as the group experiences them in real-time.



We are passionate about this work and would love to help you join a growing number of daring leadership educators willing to use this approach for the sake of meaningful leadership development. In this practice, both participants and facilitators have the opportunity to grow their leadership edge.

What we present here is meant to challenge your current perspective of how to teach leadership and your mindset regarding the exercise of leadership from the front of the room. Experimenting with Case-in-Point offers you the opportunity to:

  • Examine yourself as data
  • Observe what happens and interrogate your
  • interpretations of the action
  • Track actions and "who does what" and who doesn’t
  • Surface subgroups or factions
  • Unveil rules of engagement present in the room
  • Connect to the purpose of the session.

Prepare to be surprised. When you remain open to this new approach to leadership development, Case-in-Point will begin to crystallize and—we predict—energize your own teaching methodology. As has been the case for the two of us, you might never want to teach in any other way again!

We've created this website (and the corresponding Ebook) because we've experienced the power of Case-in-Point, especially as it applies to the effective teaching and modeling of leadership in the classroom. 

Our hope here is not for you to replicate our approach, but rather to find yourself—and your own practice—as you watch ours.

Good luck to you!

 Adriano and Jill 

Washington, DC  - June 5th, 2016



When we met, we began to share videos from classes where we were teaching using Case-in-Point. In so doing, we realized the great power of these exchanges and how much our own Case-in-Point practice had benefitted from exposing it to each other in such an unabridged and painfully honest way.

Then it hit us: why not allow others to see our own mistakes and compare notes? We imagined a resource that would make new Case-in-Point practitioners feel a little less lonely in daring to do this work, a little more secure in trying new techniques, and a little more courageous about their own practice and experiments. We envisioned letting people see us stumble, and thereby becoming a little less intimidated by their own inevitable “first-time” mistakes; even feeling a little bit more heartened and energized about their own learning path. 

This is how this website (and the E-book ) were born.

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